Monday, October 5, 2009

Vegan MoFo day 5

My family doesn't like vegetables. They won't eat them. They hate them. It makes dinner difficult for me because I want them to eat their veggies. So on spaghetti night I trick them. There's a full serving of veggies in spaghetti sauce and I like to add some finely chopped spinach to the sauce. They think it's spices and they gobble it up. OK, so my husband's not an idiot, he knows I "sneak" spinach into his spaghetti sauce, but he doesn't mind it. Says he can't taste it.

So tonight was spaghetti night. We had Nate's Meatless Balls cooked in the sauce and while we were eating it my meaty husband said, "We should have this at Christmas time when my parents come." I like my in-laws, but they're not huge fans of vegan food, also they live over 1,000 miles away and we only get to see them once a year (unless someone dies) so the suggestion to serve them a vegan meal from my meaty hubby came as a bit of a shock. During the course of the conversation he told me that the meatballs that you get at restaurants were ALMOST as good as the vegan ones. Not better, not as good, ALMOST as good! Score one for the vegan team!

I'm still excited about the vegan win. Thank you Nate (whoever you are) for your amazing vegan meatless meat balls! You rock my world!!!

Happy Eating!

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