Thursday, October 15, 2009

Man...I suck...

So, I like to have something new and creative to talk/write about when I sit down to blog, but tonight...I got nothin. I was thinking about what I've eaten today. I had toast for breakfast with a very nice cup of tea. Then for lunch I had a Boca "Chicken" for lunch. For dinner, I had whole wheat spaghetti w/some Prego sauce. It's not very exciting. I'm so sorry dear readers.

OK, I'll talk about the cheesecake. I finished it today and was so looking forward to taking that first amazing bite and when I took the bite I was....completely...disappointed. :( It was a big bummer. It looks AMAZING, but it kinda tasted like poop to me. (Not that I actually know what poop tastes like, but you get the idea). So here's what I think went wrong. I think I used the wrong kind of almond extract. I think I used cheap chocolate chips for the topping (well I know I used cheap chocolate chips for the topping, but I think the cheapness made it taste...well, cheap). There was also an issue of texture. It was grainy. I don't know if it was the oreos that were ground up in it or if it was that I over cooked it. Or maybe it was just the recipe? I really don't know what caused it. So, the search is on for a good chocolate cheese cake. Actually, I'm thinking a coffee pie w/chocolate ganache topping. We'll see what I come up with.

I know this isn't the best writing/blogging I've done, but that's all I got.

Happy Eating!

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