Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lack 'o Motivation

We're having soup for dinner tonight. I'm excited about having soup. I really like soup. However, I do not really like chopping veggies. That's not even true. I normally love chopping things. I have this chefs knife and I really enjoy using it, but today, I just don't want to. Maybe it's because I'm making an amazing veggie soup, but I'm also making a nasty dead chicken soup (for the meat eating hubby of mine). I don't like chopping up dead birds. That's just gross and sad. *sigh* I must find some motivation. I know this isn't exactly a very happy blog today, I'm just needing to vent a little.

OK, off to chop veggies (and dead birds). I'll post the recipe after dinner (assuming it's delish!)

So, what do you do when you're running short on motivation? Any wonderful suggestions? (OK, so honestly they don't need to be wonderful, any suggestions will work). :-)

Happy Hump Day!

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