Monday, October 12, 2009

Rice and Tofu (It's tastier than it sounds)

Rice and Tofu doesn't sound all that appetizing to me, but it was really good tonight. I kind of made it up as I went along, so there aren't measurements exactly, just ingredients and guesses. I'm sure you recipe followers love that. I'm sorry, it's the way I cook, and it allows you to be more open to making things taste the way YOU want them to!
Sorry about the photo quality. I took it from my phone. Iwas too hungry to go get my camera. :)

Rice Ingredients:
Brown Rice
1 can diced tomatoes w/chilies
~3/4 can or black beans (hubby hates beans so I didn’t use a whole can)
~2 cups of corn (I used frozen)

I cooked things funny because my daughter doesn’t like anything in her rice and my hubby doesn’t like corn. Play with what works best for you and your family.
Cook the rice according to the directions on the package
Add tomatoes, black beans (rinsed), and corn (I cooked the corn before I added it)
Simmer until everything’s warm and flavors have blended

Tofu Ingredients:
Extra firm tofu (drained)
Nutritional yeast
Soy sauce
Oil (for cooking)

Heat the oil
Slice the tofu kind of thin
Splash some soy sauce on tofu, then cover in nutritional yeast
Fry in the skillet (I think the tofu cooked better in the spots with the least amount of oil. Next time I think I’ll just spray it with something)
(This was inspired by The Spicy Vegan. Check out her blog!
Happy Eating!

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