Monday, October 19, 2009


I just finished watching CSI:Miami and I'm so glad I'm vegan! I wish I grew all my own food too, but still. The whole episode was about food and how it can kill us. They showed a little bit of factory farming. They talked about how cows aren't supposed to be fed corn, but are anyway because it makes them fatter. There was Ecoli (from contaminated water being used in irrigation) and botulism (from genetically engineered corn). They discussed how it didn't matter to the big companies that 1% of people might die from the engineered was cheaper and easier (therefore eliminating hunger). Here's what they didn't mention.
They didn't mention anything about being vegan. They didn't mention any ways to prevent illness. They didn't mention what to look for in organic labels.

OK, so that's all I got for tonight. If you watched CSI:Miami tonight, please comment and let me know what thoughts you had.


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