Monday, January 11, 2010

Nothing Food Related

I normally stick to writing about food, but today I'm going to venture into my life. I guess in some ways it has to do with veganism, but not really in the way that you'd think. I love being vegan and what I'm about to write shouldn't be used against veganism, it's just my opinion about my don't get pissy with me. :)

When people talk about going vegan they mention all these changes that happen. They lose weight, they lose the aches and pains in their bodies, their mood improves...I don't think any of those things happened for me. I didn't go vegan for health reasons, but still would have enjoyed experiencing some of those positive benefits. I didn't. I'm still 30 pounds over weight, my knees still hurt when it's cold and my mental health is as rollercoasterish as ever. I want to spout the benefits of eating a healthy vegan diet, but it's difficult for me to do that when I haven't actually experienced them. I do have a sweet tooth and I eat a bit more junk than I should. You can be an unhealthy, junk food vegan. Just because you're vegan doesn't mean that you're going to be a picture of health and beauty. If you go vegan for health reasons I think more needs to be done than just cutting out animal products. You have to switch to a whole food diet. Eliminate processed foods and cut way back on the junk (like the chocolate brownies that I'm currently addicted to). I love being vegan and I'm not going to stop, I just don't think it's some magical cure for all of life's problems and it's sometime presented in a way that makes one think that it is.

OK, I'm done with my little rant now. Let me know what you think.

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