Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Artichokes, Capers and Sun-dried Tomatoes

My daughter, who is 3 1/2 has gymnastics on Tuesday evenings which leave dinner to hubby. Normally I try to have something really easy (like spaghetti and a jar of marinara), but tonight I went with Artichokes, capers and sun-dried tomatoes. The recipe is from How it all Vegan! and it was FANTASTIC!! Granted, darling hubby forgot the capers, but still, it was amazingly delicious! Munchkin and hubby wouldn't eat it though. They thought the artichokes were yucky. I think munchkin might have tried it if meat man hadn't told her she wasn't going to like it before she had a chance to try it. Grrrrr...anyway, it was a wonderful treat to have my sweet meat man fix me a nice vegan dinner. Maybe I'll start making him cook more often. :)

Oh, I don't have exact measurements for the recipe, but here are the basic ingredients.
Artichokes (1 can)
An onion
Sun dried tomatoes
Lemon juice
Salt, pepper, basil and thyme

Saute the artichokes, then add onions and garlic, let it simmer for awhile, add tomatoes, lemon juice (just a little), capers and spices. Toss w/pasta. It calls for Rotini, but we used penne and it was good.

Happy Eating!

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