Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Recipe

At dinner time tonight, I realized that we didn't have food for dinner, so I created something new. Hubby really liked it so I thought I'd throw out the recipe for everyone. :)

1 1/2 cans tomatoes (I used Italian seasoned and 'chili ready' because that's what was in my house)
1 batch of vegan cheeze sauce
1 - 12 oz package smart ground meat substitute
Salsa (to taste)
Cooked rice

Puree cans of tomatoes (I did this because hubby doesn't like chunks of tomatoes)
Add tomatoes and meat substitute to a skillet. Simmer until warmed through. Add a dollop of salsa (or a bottle, whatever makes you happy)
Add cheeze sauce to taste, and simmer until everything else is ready. (I know, I'm really bad at instructions, sorry).
Cook corn according to package instructions
Cook Rice according to package instructions

Put rice in bowl, add tomato/meat mixture, put corn on top.
I mixed mine all up and thought it was wonderful. Hubby ate it in layers (without the corn 'cause he doesn't like corn).

It was really good and I had everything laying around the house to make it. Hubby said that he'd eat it again, so it must have been good for the meat eaters! :)

Let me know what you think if you try it, and what changes you made or would make.

Happy Eating!!

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