Thursday, March 10, 2011


My family goes through about 2 loaves of store bought bread every week. We buy what's cheap and vegan (and it says whole grain, but it's not not good for you bread). I've tried multiple times to bake bread for us that will work for sandwiches and toast, but I haven't had much luck...until today! I found a recipe (somewhere on the internet) for 1 hour whole wheat bread a few weeks ago and this morning when I awoke to one slice of bread I decided I should try it out. What I made today won't work for sandwiches, but it is amazingly light and fluffy, whole wheat, AND it really only took about an hour! The loaves were kind of small and didn't rise a ton, but I think I could bake it without a pan and it would hold its shape pretty well. I'm anxious to see what meat man thinks about it. There were some pretty cool bonuses to making my own bread today that I think are worth a mention. 1. I got to spend some great quality time with my daughter. She helped me knead the dough and measure the ingredients. She had a great time, and I know we made some memories! 2. It's a good upper body workout. 3. The house smells heavenly!! :-)

Do you bake your own bread? If so, what motivates you to continue doing it?

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